Utopia (2013) [TV/C4].

Kudos Film & Television / Channel 4 (2013)

Kudos Film & Television / Channel 4 (2013)

TL;DR – 4 surviving members of an online community dedicated to discussing ‘The Utopia Experiments’ – a graphic novel (or comic to some…) – become hunted as it becomes apparent that the second part of the novel in their possession contains information concerning the work that the author did prior to commital for an outside and deniable government agency during the cold war – The Network.

We’re two thirds of the way into Utopia – a series that was much heralded and essentially spam advertised over anything to do with Channel 4 since the turn of the new year. If you happen to watch a lot of TV like myself, you could be forgiven into avoiding this at all costs after being nauseated by the same ‘dynamic’ and ‘edgy’ advert playing every 12-15 minutes.
That being said, let C4 tout their new dynamic and edgy series, because it’s the most original thing to be on the tube since Black Mirror (series two of which is advertised as Coming Soon during prime Utopia breaks).

Episode two saw more shattering skull and brain matter, more presumed gassing kids to death and less answers. At least we know who Jessica Hyde is now, so that pikey with the netto bag full of pipes and toxic gas can lay off for a bit (The Specialist). We do get introduced to The Tramp, who for all intensive purposes is a tramp (The Specialist should have definitely be called The Pikey – menacing). He’s not an enemy, but isn’t very helpful so Jessica Hyde – in part a Sarah Connor (that includes the mental institution hair-cut) all business-no shit femibot simply has to kill him in some public toilets.

It’s absurd but one of the funniest things I’ve seen for ages. Wilson Wilson (played by Adeel Akhtar – the tragic Faisal in Four Lions – Crow Bomb) offers fantastic reprieve from the bleak outlook for club nerd turned outlaws, despite featuring in his own Katheryn Bigalowe moment in the last episode. It gives me sort of violent twilight zone vibes for the contemporary technology dependent, nineteen-eighty four conscious audience. I hope the humor is continued even if we’re not offered any definitive closure.

I’ll update after the final episode, just in case I have to recount everything I’ve said because it’s been a total balls up and makes less sense than Lost, and has basically been trailing audiences along with no hope of resolution. (Most likely – but nevertheless, a thoroughly entertaining two hours or so, so far.)

Coincidentally for all the paranoids out there – there’s a pretty good ‘game’ of sorts on the Channel 4 website that the nice Scottish V/O man told me about at the end of the episode.
Fill in details about yourself (ironic) to find out how anonymous you are.
I got 40 hours, 40 minutes, and 07 seconds before they find me. That’s pretty good by paranoia standards, I can sleep easy now, but no baths or showers…

  • 23/01/2013

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